Why You Should Read ?

Have you heard this line, “Readers Are Leaders” ?

Well, I’m not a professional reader and I’m not leading any multimillionaire company by reading some books. But, I can tell you the something about the reading. I Mean why you should read, how it can change your life if you apply what book tells you.


Ok let me tell you that I’m not talking about the read the Syllabus books, No ! No way ! Here I’m talking to you to read something that inspire you, to make you feel good, to do the right steps towards your goals. Read the books that you’re interested in, Like someone wants to be a singer, dancer, writer, entrepreneur etc. Then pick it up the book of interest and give it try to change your life.

Some people say I’ve read that book nothing happens !, it could be with you. But If you just merely read the book and don’t try to apply the readings in your day to day life. It won’t change your life anymore.

Like wise man once Said,

It’s not about what book you read, It’s about what you do after close the book.”


Here are some of the Disadvantages of not reading a book

  1. You’ll have be having limited knowledge about everything.
  2. You’ll be not able to connect your relationship between many things in the world.
  3. You’ll never know, where you are right and where you are wrong.
  4. The world is changing day by day and you’ll not be able to connect with the world with their needs and desires.
  5. Your vocabulary won’t explore.
  6. You’ll be in the same place where you are now with your old beliefs.
  7. You’ll not be able to get bigger success, if you think you know it all.

Now, Let’s talk about the advantages of reading a book

  1. Reading books will give you a broader sense of thinking.
  2. Reading book may make your imagination power much more better.
  3. You’ll be become Wiser than others.
  4. You’ll improve your vocabulary without even realizing it: The more you read, the more words you’ll absorb without even noticing.
  5. Reading reduces stress, helps in to build a strong vocabulary, lights up a new ideas, etc.
  6. You’ll improve your memory power, improve your language skills, improve your focus and concentration, etc.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . The man who never reads lives only one.

George R.R. Martin

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Thank You for reading this article. ❤️